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"This is an essential part of education; to learn to stand alone so that you are free of the collective will and are therefore capable of discovering for yourself what is true" Founder J.Krishnamurti, On Education.

Oak Grove High School offers a small, intimate, highly personalized day- and boarding-program that blends college preparatory academics with deep exploration of life’s issues. The curriculum meets or exceeds the University of California accreditation standards with the additional benefit of providing the context and skills for exploring the whole of life. Graduates go on to college having developed a global perspective, sensitivity toward the environment and human relations, and exceptional critical thinking skills.

The 13,000-square-foot high school is a separate complex of classrooms, laboratories and a student resource center situated in tranquil surroundings. With an average of 13 students per class, Oak Grove’s high school teaching staff maximize in-class learning opportunities in the sciences, foreign language, mathematics and language arts through a rigorous, engaging college-preparatory program. Teachers support open-minded, and spirited discussion, encourage inquiry, and strive to develop in each student a self-reflective capacity that leads to inner honesty, independence and integrity. High school classes meet from 8 am to 4 pm, with noon dismissal on Wednesdays.

Oak Grove High School has a noted fine-arts program, which provides the tools and guidance for sophisticated artistic expression and understanding. Facilities include a photography lab and darkroom, a weaving and textile workshop, ceramics studio, a music recording studio and professional slide-making equipment for portfolio preparation. Dramatic arts are an integral part of the high school curriculum, with performances taking place throughout the year on the school’s outdoor stage under the oaks. A full-year digital filmmaking elective merges art and technology as students learn film production and techniques, film history and appreciation, and collaborate on film projects. Oak Grove’s new high school multimedia lab allows students to produce graphic visualizations for assignments across the curriculum, participate in website development and global communications.

Domestic and international travel, opportunities have included visits to India, Italy, Mexico, Big Sur and the California desert. These trips enhance the student’s global education and bring an essential dimension to classroom learning. Outdoor education trips build community, develop physical skills and provide opportunity for introspection. As members of the interschool Condor League, Oak Grove offers opportunities for competitive play in basketball, tennis, volleyball and soccer. Through Oak Grove Cycles, students can build and repair bikes, join for bike tours, and promote local bicycle commuting.

Fulfillment of Oak Grove's graduation requirements exceeds standards of the University of California and other highly selective schools around the country. Recent graduates achieved mean SAT scores of 627 verbal, 580 math (617 writing), and have been accepted at the following colleges and universities: Boston University, Swarthmore, Yale, University of Redlands, University of Southern California (USC), Tufts, Cal Arts, Mount Holyoke, New York University, College of the Atlantic, Wellesley, Vassar, and all campuses of the University of California.
College counseling begins when sophomores and juniors work with core academic teachers and the college counselor to prepare to take the PSAT test. Individual college guidance is provided to juniors and seniors in addition to college counseling workshops. Students are encouraged to take responsibility in the college search process in order to meet their needs and interests. Seniors are required to apply to four-year colleges and universities of their choice.

Assessment is designed with a view to determine how students analyze problems and present ideas. Students are encouraged to reflect on how they learn, and through self-evaluation, develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning. Essay exams, pop quizzes, research papers, laboratory reports, oral exams, and participation in class discussions are used as indicators of the learning that takes place. In addition, students keep portfolios and reflective journals, and prepare exhibits. Assessment at Oak Grove is more than just a grade on a transcript – it is an important part of the learning process.

Besant House, Oak Grove's high school boarding facility, offers a family-like environment that can quickly become a home away from home. At Besant House, each of 20 residents can feel comfortable and secure as an active participant in our inquiry-based, college-preparatory high school program. Adding to the family-like atmosphere at Besant House are nurturing houseparents, carefully selected for their ability to guide and support, while acting as positive role models. Hearty vegetarian meals are served daily on campus, many of which include fresh produce grown in the school's organic gardens. Renovated facilities include an expanded common room and new student computers. During the week, students attend high school classes, often participating in after-school programs, sports and special school activities. On weekends, residents take regular group excursions to the beach, movies, art exhibits and music events. High school students come to Besant House from near and far, all adding to the rich diversity of Oak Grove School. English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring allows students to participate fully in the high school program and equips them to succeed with their plans for further education at the university level. The comfortable boarding facility and friendly staff put students at ease as they acclimatize to living and learning in America.


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