Brockwood Park School & Inwoods Small School

 Some Extracts from the British Government’s---“Office for Standards in Education”  Inspection Report, 3rd—6th May 2005. 

  1. Information about the school:       Brockwood Park is an independent school and part of the Krishnamurti Charitable Foundation Trust. It is registered as a single school, but consists of two schools on separate sites, each with its own directors. The main site at Brockwood is an international, mixed boarding school for pupils aged from 14 to 19 years. The other, Inwoods School is on a separate site and is for day pupils aged 4 to 11 years who attend part-time for between one and five days a week, combined with home education.

  1. Summary of main findings:           Brockwood Park is a distinctive school with clearly stated aims and an ethos based on the philosophy of J Krishnamurti. Both parts of the school, although separate geographically and in nature of their intake and provision, offer high quality education to their pupils with a strong and effective emphasis on environmental awareness. The setting of both schools is conducive to learning and all members of the community contribute to sustaining this.

     3.  What the school does well:             

 # it provides a highly effective and personalized  curriculum for all students in the school;

 # it encourages pupils to take responsibility for themselves, for others and for their      community;

 # it provides a well maintained setting and context in which to learn;

 # it offers high quality education at Inwoods; and

 # it successfully stimulates and fosters environmental awareness across the age ranges.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

        4. The Spiritual, Moral Social and Cultural Development of Pupils

  The international composition and background of the school and its pupils provide rich opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Built into the school’s week are regular times for contemplation and reflection through silence, quiet or dialogue. Strong emphasis is placed on understanding right and wrong. Pupils work with each other, with staff and with the community as a whole and this is mutual. There is also a strong emphasis on art, music and theatre. Pupils from the main school make presentations on their own cultures to those at Inwards. Pupils accept a wide range of responsibilities whether for maintaining the environment, growing vegetables, studying herbs and their applications, refurbishing the recording studios or building the eco-kitchen, the last with the aid of a Millennium Grant. The eco-kitchen was designed and developed by pupils who had received training in handling eco-friendly materials, much of which came from the school’s estate. It serves as a kitchen for boarders. The music studio underwent a complete transformation. Students wholly redecorated and re-equipped it this year, cleaning and painting it and restoring old equipment. It is now used for students to record their own music and to mount workshops in conjunction with visiting sound engineers. Pupils arrange musical events, visiting actors mount performances and the school has strong overseas links through the founder of the school in particular with India, and visits for exploration and trekking are a regular feature of the provision.  Pupils visit local towns in term-time but there is less evidence of the local community visiting Brockwood.  

 In the lower school, pupils are confident and have a high level of self-esteem. They engage fully in the activities, show respect for their classmates and use well-developed negotiating skills as they complete tasks and tidy up. The pupils are very well behaved. Written agreements are created with the pupils that consider not only the needs of the individual but also the needs of the whole group. Emphasis is placed on thinking not only as an individual but also as a community.

  In the lower school the provision for moral development is very good. In both schools, the staff have high expectations of behavior. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and distinguish right and wrong. Social development is also very good. All pupils are valued and their strengths celebrated. Adults demonstrate good social skills, for example how to work in pairs. In both schools, there is a strong sense of community and staff relate well to pupils. Pupils are encouraged to be confident and articulate. 

 Pupils understand the value of silence and reflection. Each day starts with the opportunity to reflect and pupils think carefully before they respond.  


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