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War Abolished

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War Abolished; One way to permanent peace, by J Krishnamurti, First Edition, March 1943, published by the Currawong Publishing Company, Sydney. The foreword admits the title and other headings have been added by the publishers.

NOTE: The book has been reproduced by digital scan using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and manually checking and adjusting the text and page format and layout to look like the original pamphlet. The format imitates the publication, although note, as below, and as said in the Foreword, the text differs slightly from the original texts.
The "Notes of Discussion Arising From Krishnamurti's Talks" is not credited but it may have been L.L.W (see Foreword) whom I assume is the editor. L.L.W is probably L.L.Woolacott who is listed in "Other Currawong Publications" at the back of the book.
During the process of copying this book there were many discrepancies thrown up by the Spell-Check, but I have not changed them from the original. There were a few minor, obvious, typographical errors in the original which I corrected.
In the historical records the "Question and Answers" are shown at the end of each of the Talks, and so can't be found separately, as is here in this book.
The original physical size of the pamphlet is 207mm x 133mm.

The Contents listed in this book can be found in the historical records as follows;
  • 1. First Talk in The Oak Grove May 26, 1940. (Living in an Insane World.)
  • 2. Second Talk in The Oak Grove. June 2, 1940. (Living in an Insane World.)
  • 3. Third Talk in The Oak Grove. June 9, 1940. (Collected Works. Vol 3, 1936-1944.)
  • 4. Fourth Talk in The Oak Grove. June 16, 1940. (On Relationship.)
  • 5. Fifth Talk in The Oak Grove. June 23,1940. (Collected Works. Vol 3, 1936-1944.)
  • 6. Sixth Talk in The Oak Grove, June 30,1940, (Collected Works. Vol 3, 1936-1944.)
  • 7. Seventh Talk in The Oak Grove. July 7, 1940. (Living in an insane World.)
  • 8. Eighth Talk in The Oak Grove. July 14.1940. (Collected Works. Vol 3, 1936-1944.)
NB: (.....the brackets means in the KF records it is also called.....)

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