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 Ending Of Time Series:

The Ending of Time Discussions:  in Ojai  & Brockwood  in 1980.       

Fifteen discussions between J Krishnamurti and Dr David Bohm,  renown physicist on the question, "Has humanity taken a wrong turn which has brought about this division, conflict and destruction facing mankind?"

OJ80CB01    Roots of Psychological Conflict

OJ80CB02   Cleansing Mind of Accumulation of Time

OJ80CB03   Man’s Given Supreme Importance to thought

OJ80CB04   Breaking the Pattern of Ego centered Activity

OJ80CB05   The Ground of Being & The Mind of Man

OJ80CB06   Can Insight Bring a Mutation of  Brain Cells

OJ80CB07    Death Has Very Little Meaning

OJ80CB08   Can Insight be Awakened in Another?

BR80CB09   Can Human Brain be Free of Problems?

BR80CB10   Is there Action Not Made By Man or Thought?

BR80CB11   Order Beyond all Human Order & Disorder

BR80CB12   Can Insight Un-condition The Mind?

BR80CB13   Ending of Psychological Knowledge

BR80CB14   The Mind in The Universe

BR80CB15   Can Problems be Solved & Fragmentation End 


Complete Set of 15CDs Series on Audio CD cost $75.00 incl postage.

The Ending of Time

Each Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage


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UPDATED 13/02/2018

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