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 Series of 12 dialogues 1975 between J Krishnamurti  & Dr David Bohm

What is truth and what is reality?

Is there a relationship or are they separate, or are they projections of thought?

Man has always functioned in thought.

Is there another movement, an energy not of thought?

(Sold as a complete series)

BR75CDB01 - BR75CDB02 - BR75CDB03 -  BR75CDB04  

BR75CDB05 - BR75CDB06 - GS75CDB07 - GS75CDB08

GS75CDB0 -  BR75CDB10 -  BR75CDB11 - BR75CDB12



Sold as a series not as individual dialogues 
Series on Audio CD format:  17 CDs of 12 dialogues cost $72.00 incl postage
Series on MP3CD cost $ 36  incl postage

Series of 12 Dialogues 1975

Complete Set - AUDIO or MP3

UPDATED 13/02/2018

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