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 Wholly Different Way Of Living:    

A series of 18 dialogues between  J Krishnamurti and Prof. Allan Anderson, held in San Diego, California, 1974.

Human lives are in disorder.  We fail to see life as a whole. Krishnamurti points out that through awareness of what we are and the way we see ourselves can the immensity of human life unfold and through the operation of love & intelligence can a different way of living come about.

SD74CA01       Knowledge  & Transformation  of  Man

SD74CA02       Knowledge  &  Conflict in  Relationship

SD74CA03       What Is  Communication  With  Others       

SD74CA04       Responsibility  &  Relationship

SD74CA05       Order Comes From Understanding Disorder

SD74CA06       Nature  &  Eradication  of  Fear

SD74CA07       Understand  Not  Controlling  Desire

SD74CA08       Does Pleasure  Bring  Happiness?

SD74CA09       Sorrow, Passion, Beauty

SD74CA10       Art  of  Listening Attention  Learning

SD74CA11       Being  Hurt  &  Hurting  Others

SD74CA12       Love, Sex & Pleasure, Joy, Violence

SD74CA13       A  Different  Way  of  Living

SD74CA14       Death, Life, Love, Immortality

SD74CA15       Religion, Authority  &  Education- Part 1

SD74CA16       Religion, Authority  &  Education- Part 2

SD74CA17       A  Quality  of  Attention  &  Meditation

SD74CA18       Meditation  &  The  Sacred   Mind 

Complete Set of 18 CDs of  Series on Audio CD cost $90.00 incl postage.

 Wholly Different  Way of Living

Each Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

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UPDATED 13/02/2018

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