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Krishnamurti On Truth

On Truth offers Krishnamurti's most profound ruminations on the search for truth. In 1929, he began his life of public teachings by saying, "Truth is a pathless land". Throughout his many years of speaking to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, he continually emphasized that truth cannot be approached through the instrument of thought. Truth is intangible and nameless and can only be realized through exploring the total movement of thought and its activities

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Why Are You Being Educated?

The book consists of six talks that J. Krishnamurti gave at Indian universities and the Indian Institutes of Technology between 1969 and 1984. Krishnamurti's chief concern here is to awaken students to the fact that the pursuit of knowledge does not liberate man from his ignorance of himself. While knowledge is indispensable, it also creates the illusion that we have the intelligence to meet the challenges of life. This makes us neglect the vast and subtle field of the human psyche. This perspective comes through clearly in these talks, which therefore have significance not just for the young but also for parents, teachers and all those interested in the deeper issues of life.

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Life Ahead

As the first collection of his talks to students and teachers, Life Ahead clearly illustrates Krishnamurti's views on education. In the introduction, he writes, "It seems to me that a totally different kind of morality and conduct and an action that springs from the understanding of the whole process of living, have become an urgent necessity in our world of mounting crises and problems."

Cost $22.20

Letters To A Young Friend

Life is a razor's edge and one has to walk on that path with exquisite care and with pliable wisdom"
J Krishnamurti

Between 1948 and the early 1960s, Krishnaji was easily accessible and many people came to him. On walks, in personal meetings, through letters, the relationships blossomed.

He wrote the following letters to a young friend who came to him wounded in body and mind. The letters, written between June 1948 and March 1960, reveal a rare compassion and clarity: the teaching and healing unfold; separation and distance disappear; the words flow; not a word is superfluous; the healing and teaching are simultaneous.

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Edited by Mary Lutyens, Krishnamurti's biographer, this selection from a wide range of his published work has three parts: Problems of Living, For the Young and Questions & Answers. Whether answering students' questions or speaking from the platform, Krishnamurti directs our attention away from facile, predictable responses towards a more radical probing of the subjects of belief, education, love, life and death.

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Three talks at the University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, two talks at Morcelo, Puerto Rico, three talks at Claremont College, California, and four talks at the New School for Social Research, New York City from 1968 comprise Talks with American Students.
From the book:
Most of us in this confused and brutal world try to carve out a private life of our own, a life in which we can be happy and peaceful and yet live with the things of this world. We seem to think that the daily life we lead, the life of struggle, conflict, pain and sorrow, is something separate from the outer world of misery and confusion. We seem to think that the individual, the 'you', is different from the rest of the world...When you look a little more closely, not only at your own life but also at the world, you will see that what you are- your daily life, what you think, what you feel,- is the external world, the world about you. You are the world, you are the human being that has made this world of utter disorder, the world that is crying helplessly in great sorrow.
...In bringing about a radical change in the human being, in you, you are naturally bringing about a radical change in the structure and the nature of society...


RELATIONSHIP- To Oneself, To Others, To the World

Teen guide to the meaning of relationship: what is relationship? To your friends, family, teachers? In love, sex, marriage? To work, money, government, society, nature? Culture, country, the world, God, the universe? Understand for yourself that we all live in relationships all the time, to each other, to ourselves, to the world. Modern quantum physics, most psychological insight, and all religions reveal the interconnectedness of everything in the universe-that everything always affects everything else. Because all life is lived in relationships, it is essential that we all understand what relationship can mean to us and everyone else. All our individual relationships put together create society. And attention to our individual relationships will recreate the world.The Dalai Lama calls Krishnamurti "One of the greatest thinkers of the age." Time magazine called Krishnamurti, along with Mother Teresa, "one of the five saints of the 20th century." J. Krishnamurti spoke to young people all over the world and founded schools in California, England, and India. "When one is young," he said, "one must be revolutionary, not merely in revolt to be psychologically revolutionary means non-acceptance of any pattern."

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'The material contained in this volume was originally presented in the form of talks to students, teachers and parents in India, but its keen penetration and lucid simplicity will be deeply meaningful to thoughtful people everywhere, of all ages, and in every walk of life. Krishnamurti examines with characteristic objectivity and insight the expressions of what we are pleased to call our culture, our education, religion, politics and tradition; and he throws much light on such basic emotions as ambition, greed and envy, the desire for security and the lust for power - all of which he shows to be deteriorating factors in human society.' From the Editor's Note; Krishnamurti's observations and explorations of modern man's estate are penetrating and profound, yet given with a disarming simplicity and directness. To listen to him or to read his thoughts is to face oneself and the world with astonishing morning freshness.' Anne Marrow Lindbergh

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This book features excerpts on the title's theme from Krishnamurti's talks and discussions held between 1933 and 1967. They have proven helpful in dialogues and for use in high school and college classrooms. There are talks on marriage, love, relationship, and sex. Krishnamurti states, "sex becomes an extraordinary, difficult, and complex problem so long as you do not understand the mind." Krishnamurti asks the reader to investigate essential questions: How can I live with another without conflict? Why are relationships difficult? What is awareness in relationship? Do I really know what love is? What does it mean to learn in a relationship? What is the role of thought and memory in relating to another?

"There is no escape from relationship. In that relationship, which is the mirror in which we can see ourselves, we can discover what we are, our reactions, our prejudices, our fears, depression, anxieties, loneliness, sorrow, pain, grief. We can also discover whether we love or there is no such thing as love. So, we will examine this question of relationship because that is the basis of love." - J. Krishnamurti Madras, India, 1982. 

Cost $29.60

WHAT Are You DOING With Your LIFE?

WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? J. KRISHNAMURTI TEACHINGS FOR TEENS, edited by Dale Carlson. Teens learn to understand the self, the purpose of life, work, education, relationships. Through paying attention rather than accepting the authority of their conditioning, they can find out for themselves about love, sex, marriage, work, education, the meaning of life and how to change themselves and the world. The Dalai Lama calls Krishnamurti "One of the greatest thinkers of the age."

Cost $33.05

Krishnamurti On Education

Talks and discussions held between Krishnamurti and the students and teachers of his schools in India. He regards education as of prime significance in the communication of that which is central to the transformation of the human mind and the creation of a new culture.

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What Does Fear Do To You?

Krishnamurti for the young is a series of books designed to help the young to understand and deal with the world within themselves... the world of hurts, fears, pleasures, ambitions, success, failures and so on

Cost $18.55

What Does Freedom Mean?

Krishnamurti for the young is a series of books designed to help the young to understand and deal with the world within themselves... the world of hurts, fears, pleasures, ambitions, success, failures and so on.

Cost $18.55

What Is It To Care?

Krishnamurti for the young is a series of books designed to help the young to understand and deal with the world within themselves... the world of hurts, fears, pleasures, ambitions, success, failures and so on

Cost $18.55

THE BOOK OF LIFE          Daily Meditations with Krishnamurti

365 Daily Meditations on Freedom, Personal Transformation, Living Fully and Much More, from the Man the Dalai Lama Described as “One of the Greatest Thinkers of the Age”.

Cost $33.05

In these dialogues and reflections, chosen for their particular intensity and clarity, Krishnamurti points to a state of total awareness beyond mental process. With his characteristic engagement and candor, he addresses such topics as freedom from the known, inward flowering, true transformation, and why it is best to love without attachment.

Readers unfamiliar with Krishnamurti's thought will find his major concerns discussed here, setting the mind free from its conditioning, ...

Cost $30.80


Here is a pocket-size collection of teachings from J. Krishnamurti, one of the most influential spiritual figures of the twentieth century. With great insight and immediacy, these teachings explore what Krishnamurti calls the art of living. He addresses such topics as the way of life without conflict; skill and clarity in action; living and dying; and meditation and the sacred in daily life. This previously unpublished material comes together to create a little gem to be taken to heart in living our lives simply and intelligently.

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In 1950 Krishnamurti said: "It is only when the mind is not escaping in any form that it is possible to be in direct communion with that thing we call loneliness, the alone, and to have communion with that thing, there must be affection, there must be love." "On Love and Loneliness" is a compelling investigation of our intimate relationships with ourselves, others, and society. Krishnamurti suggests that "true relationship" can come into being only when there is self-knowledge of the conditions which divide and isolate individuals and groups. Only by renouncing the self can we understand the problem of loneliness, and truly love.

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On Learning And Knowledge

Krishnamurti, in excerpts from his talks and dialogues, states that knowledge, while necessary in practical areas, is of time and accumulation and prevents clear and accurate perception and observation in the moment in daily life.

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A Flame Of Learning

At Brockwood Park, England, Krishnamurti in conversation with teachers addresses such questions as: Is it possible to transmit Krishnamurti's teachings to students through their subjects? The meaning of freedom and authority and having no motive or self-interest.

Cost $27.00