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In this series of 8 talks, given in Ojai, California in 1955, he confronts the confusion, habits, and assumptions of the human mind, and claims these lie at the root of all violence and suffering in the world.

While these reflections were offered over 50 years ago, their meaning is as fresh and as relevant heard today. Krishnamurti discusses a world in which booming productivity and scientific advancement promise a happy future, but don't provide it. He points to the ongoing escalation of war, competition, envy and territoriality despite gains in education, religious ecumenism and the technologies of self-improvement. Ultimately and throughout, he asks his listeners to consider that all apparent progress of the self is not progress toward freedom, but a treadmill of illusion. Knowing one's mind, he asserts, through diligent self-observation, is the only way to freedom.

Cost $31.05
Exploration into Insight

This series of fourteen discussions between Krishnamurti and people in the various schools in India covers topics such as: self-knowledge and the teaching, the ending of recognition, action in attention, silence and Disorder and the Central Root of Fear.

Cost $26.20
A Flame of Learning

At Brockwood Park, England, Krishnamurti in conversation with teachers addresses such questions as: Is it possible to transmit Krishnamurti's teachings to students through their subjects? The meaning of freedom and authority and having no motive or self-interest.

Cost $27.00

The Future of Humanity

Krishnamurti and David Bohm engage in two dialogues at Brockwood Park, England. One of the central themes explored is the question of psychological time.

Cost $23.00

Meeting Life

The first section of Meeting Life, a book compiled and edited by Mary Lutyens, contains sixteen short pieces written by Krishnamurti for the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletins. Each starts with a description of nature and then comments on a profound question of life. Part Two contains Krishnamurti's answers to questions put to him at the end of his talks or in small group discussions. Part three consists of fifteen complete talks from different parts of the world.

Cost $25.00
Mind Without Measure

Krishnamurti held a series of talks in the autumn and winter of 1982-83 in New Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai and Mumbai. Among the subjects discussed in this compilation are: Where there is a cause, there is an end; Is there psychological evolution?; What is a religious mind?; In ending there is a new beginning.

Cost $21.75
Krishnamurti On Education

Talks and discussions held between Krishnamurti and the students and teachers of his schools in India. He regards education as of prime significance in the communication of that which is central to the transformation of the human mind and the creation of a new culture.

Cost $26.25
Krishnamurti On Fear

This book examines, through excerpts from talks and dialogues, the theme of fear, which Krishnamurti points out needs to be seen at its root, not just in its many expressions

Cost $25.00

Krishnamurti on Freedom

Krishnamurti addresses the basic issues of freedom, from human rights in the political and social arena to the desire for freedom from "wants, pursuits, ambitions, envies and ill-will". Freedom, according to Krishnamurti, is necessary for clarity of understanding. Freedom is to be without fear, but there are freedoms such as the freedom to overpopulate the earth that create imbalance and even catastrophe and need to be understood in all their dangers.


On Learning and Knowledge

Krishnamurti, in excerpts from his talks and dialogues, states that knowledge, while necessary in practical areas, is of time and accumulation and prevents clear and accurate perception and observation in the moment in daily life.

Cost $29.85
On Living and Dying

This theme book, through excerpts from Krishnamurti's talks and dialogues, gives a radically different insight into the nature of death and the inter-relationship between it and life and love.

Cost $38.50
On Mind and Thought

Excerpts from Krishnamurti's talks and dialogues explain the nature and limitations of thought and discuss brain, mind and consciousness.

Cost $28.00
Krishnamurti on Nature and The Environment

As early as 1948 Krishnamurti said: ''Because we do not love the earth and the things of the earth but merely utilize them....we have lost touch with life....we have lost the sense of tenderness, that sensitivity, that response to things of beauty; and it is only in the renewal of that sensitivity that we can have understanding of what is true relationship.'' This was the first volume of an unprecedented series of thematic selections from Krishnamurti's works. Here, the world-renowned spiritual teacher explains eloquently how true relationship is brought about by knowing how our inner world of thoughts and emotions is inextricably linked to the outer world of humanity and the environment.

Cost $26.25
Krishnamurti On Relationship

Providing a far-reaching basis for solving many of the world's crises, this book brings together Krishnamurti's most essential teachings on the individual's relationship to other people and institutions.

Cost $27.00
Krishnamurti On Truth

On Truth offers Krishnamurti's most profound ruminations on the search for truth. In 1929, he began his life of public teachings by saying, "Truth is a pathless land". Throughout his many years of speaking to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, he continually emphasized that truth cannot be approached through the instrument of thought. Truth is intangible and nameless and can only be realized through exploring the total movement of thought and its activities.

Cost $23.10
That Benediction is Where You Are 

That Benediction is where you are consists of the last series of four public talks that Krishnamurti gave in Bombay, in February 1985. The talks are remarkable for the unusual perspectives and nuances that Krishnamurti offers on the psychological issues he deals with.

Cost $23.60

Truth and Actuality

The book opens with three discussions taken from a longer series with well-known physicist David Bohm. In the main part of the book, Krishnamurti considers how man's consciousness has misconceptions about the "me", or the ego. Krishnamurti says, "You cannot go through reality to come to truth; you must understand the limitation of reality, which is the whole process of thought."

Cost $28.65


To cultivate a good mind, a mind that is capable of perceiving the whole of life as one unit unbroken, and so a good mind, it is necessary that in all our schools a certain kind of discipline must exist. We must together understand the hated and perhaps despised words `discipline' and `rules'.

J. Krishnamurti Letters to the Schools Volume 2 15th November 1981

Cost: $17.15


The moment there is a certain kind of prejudice stepping in you are not aware. Right? I have learnt one thing. This is a process of learning, isn't it? I've learnt that there is no awareness if any form of interference as knowledge, as prejudice, as like and dislike comes in. We are learning not theorizing.

J. Krishnamurti Talks and Dialogues Sydney 1970 1st Public Dialogue 17th November, 1970

Sydney, Australia


Cost: $10.90


A rare Collection of eyewitness accounts, letters and other documents that chronicle the esoteric preparation of the young Krishnamurti, the World-Teacher in waiting.

Cost: $29.00