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SA67T8          Interval Of Time-Thought Breeds Fear                       

SA67T9           What Is The Mind?


SA68T3           Can The Conditioned Mind Be Free?

SA68T5           Action Out of Love Is Live Life Free of Conflict          

SA68T6          What is Pleasure, Love & Beauty?    


SA69T7          What is the centre of disturbance in ourselves?


SA70T1           War is Result of Violence Prejudices Divisions   

SA70T2           Is Denial of Authority Freedom?

SA70T3           To Observe Without Division Implies Love.

SA70T4           Can Any Problems Be Solved In Isolation?

SA70T5           Are Intelligence & Thought The Same.                      

SA70T6           Can The Mind Be Free of Conditioning?

SA70T7           Can The Brain Be Quiet? Meditation. Silence.


SA71T1           What Is Your Deep Interest In Life?

SA71T2           Order In Oneself & The World

SA71T3           Nature of “The Self”. To look Without Division.

SA71T4           What Is Right Relationship?

SA71T5           Is Man Bound By Time & Knowledge?

SA71T6           Does Having Concepts Waste Energy?

SA71T7           Can One Have Space That's Immeasurable?


SA72T1           Can I See Wholly Without Division

SA72T2           Nature of Awareness,Perception & Insight

SA72T3           Is Knowledge Necessary in Relationship?

SA72T4           Can Mind Face Complete Emptiness?

SA72T6           Thought Seeks Permanence in Identification

SA72T7           Will Insight in Others Bring Harmony in You?


SA73T1           Can The Mind Change Radically Outside Time

SA73T2           Can Mind See Choicelessly  Its Conditioning?

SA73T3           Can Thought Explore Consciousness?

SA73T5           What Is Action That Is Total Inaction?

SA73T6           Death & The Unknown. Observing Hurt


SA74T1           The Art of Looking & Art of Listening.

SA74T2           Is There Energy Not Based on Idea & Ideology

SA74T3           Can Thought Bring Absolute Order?

SA74T4           Can Mind Not Be a Slave to Knowledge?

SA74T5           Wisdom Comes Through Understanding Suffering

SA74T6           Are We Seeking Security in a Concept?

SA74T7           Relationship, Order Are essential for  Meditation


SA75T1           If Knowledge Has Not Changed Man,What Will?

SA75T2           Can Love Exist in the Field of Reality?

SA75T3           Is There Suffering WhenThere is no Attachment?

SA75T4           An Action Not Dictated By Time.

SA75T5           Is Freedom Merely Partial?

SA75T6           Can Selfishness End in a World of Reality?


SA76T5           Can Love Exist While Humans Suffer?

SA76T7           Light Cannot be Given by Another. Meditation.


SA77T1         Are We Seeking To Be Totally Secure?

SA77T2         Skill, Clarity, Passion.

SA77T3         What is Death?


SA78T1           Can a Structure of Self-centered Concern End?

SA78T2          Does Thought Need To Identify With Anything?  

SA78T3          Is Thought Limited In All Circumstances

SA78T4          Is Thought Necessary in Human Relationship?      

SA78T5          Is Love a Movement  in Remembrance?

SA78T6          Investigating Consciousness? Death. Attachment.

SA78T7           If You are not Occupied are you Nothing? Dreams  


SA79T1           Is There A Way Out Of Crisis In The World?

SA79T2           Can We Together Create A Good Society?

SA79T3           Is There Psychological Security?

SA79T4           Can Goodness & Love Be Born Of Disipline?

SA79T5           Are Desire & Time Responsible For Fear?

SA79T6           Intelligence, Love, Compassion & Insight

SA79T7           In Silence Mind Comes Upon The Eternal


SA80T1           Why Are Humans Still In Conflict?

SA80T2           Movement of Thought & Becoming. Analyzing.

SA80T3           An Action That Is Always Correct

SA80T4           Breaking Pattern of Conditioning.Disorder & Order

SA80T5           The Relationship of Desire, Will & Love.

SA80T7           Is There Anything Sacred in Life?


SA81T1           Computer Technology & Man’s Future?

SA81T2           Learning That Transforms Consciousness.

SA81T3          The Ending of Conflict. Perception Is Action.

SA81T4           Living Without Images. Desire’s Born of  Image

SA81T5           Can Brain be Totally Free?

SA81T6           Love & Freedom. Ending Psychologically.

SA81T7           Meditation Demands Attention.


SA82T3           Intelligence Has No Cause.

SA82T5           What Is It To Listen, To Learn & To Observe?


SA83T1           Is It Possible To Live In Peace?

SA83T2           The Function of the Brain.

SA83T3           Seeking Security

SA83T5           Unconditioning The Brain

SA83T4           What is Supreme Intelligence?


SA84T1           If All Time is Now, What is Action?

SA84T2           Relationship of Health to Freedom.

SA84T3           Thought & The Divisive Process.

SA84T4           Ending Disorder Now.

SA84T5           Why do We Live With Unresolved Problems?

SA84T6           Living With Death & Life Together.


SA85T1           Why Does Man Live In Conflict?

SA85T2           To Be Free Of Disorder

SA85T3           Seeking Self-interest As Root Of Fear                                          

SA85T4           Beauty Is Quiet Of Self Forgotten

SA85T5           Silence As Ground Of The Eternal


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