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Talks available on Digital Audio CD or MP3 CD

Price per talk on an Audio CD = $6.00 includes postage

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Contact: J Howe, PO Box 813 Banora Point, NSW 2486


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OJ49T1        Know Self-Knowledge.  Detachment

OJ49T2        Question of Action, Activity & Relationship

OJ49T3        Why Do We Accept Beliefs + OJ49T4 ?of Simplicity

OJ49T5        Be Aware of Process of One’s Thinking

OJ49T6        What Is True Religion?  Meditation

OJ49T7        Understand Oneself Needs Right Thinking.

OJ49T8        The Soul & The Question of Immortality                   

OJ49T10      Complete Action & Problem of Relationship

OJ49T11      Problem of Domination & Submission

OJ49T12      In Listening Are We Caught in a Method?                 

OJ49T13      In  Self Knowing One Accentuates Self-consciousness


OJ72T1        What Is Needed For Man To Live In Peace?

OJ72T3        Will Understanding Disorder Bring Order?


OJ75T1           Can Knowledge & Thought Transform Man?

OJ75T2           Conflict. Ideology. Fear & Pleasure.

OJ75T3           Time. Suffering. Death.    


OJ77T1           From Insecurity to Security

OJ77T2           On Leisure

OJ77T3           Human Transformation

OJ77T4           Pleasure. Listening. Learning.

OJ77T5           What is Love? Sorrow & Death.


OJ78T1           Problems & Pressures of Daily Life?

OJ78T2           Freedom From Conflict -Man Doesn’t Change? 

OJ78T3           Ideals. Thought. Language. Images.

OJ78T4           Transformation of the Mind.

OJ78T5           What Does Life Mean?


OJ79T1           What Will Make Us Change?

OJ79T2           Question Of Desire & Will

OJ79T3           Relationship Of Thought To Desire & Will           

OJ79T4           Learning about ourselves

OJ79T5           Inward Order: What Is Love?


OJ80T1           The Vitality of a Free Mind.  Observing.

OJ80T2           Fear of Being Nothing. Conflict. Images. Hurt.

OJ80T3           You are violent.

OJ80T4           Security in Illusion.  Patterns of Fear & Desire.

OJ80T5           Attention Has No Centre.

OJ80T6           The Energy in Emptiness.


OJ81T1           What is the Root of This Crisis in Mankind?

OJ81T2           Self Education. Life is Movement in Relationship

OJ81T3           Can Thought Bring Right Action?

OJ81T4           Have We Patience to Listen to Ourselves?

OJ81T5           Origin of Fear . Remaining with Sorrow 

OJ81T6           In Ending There is Great Beauty.


OJ82T1           Concerned With Total Human Existence

OJ82T2           What Place Has Knowledge in Our Lives?

OJ82T3           Can a Disordered Mind Create Order?

OJ82T4           Can Mind be Free From Error?

OJ82T6           Are We Serious Enough To Resolve Problems?


OJ83T1           You Are a Bundle of Memories

OJ83T2           Why Have Humans Become Like This? Violence

OJ83T3           Ending Without Motive.

OJ83T4           To Watch Without Any Movement of Thought.


OJ84T1           Truth Is The Catalyst to End Conflict

OJ84T2           What is Wrong With Pleasure?

OJ84T3           Attention is Like a Fire.

OJ84T4           Is Love Part Of Consciousness?


OJ85T1           Why Is Our House In Disorder?

OJ85T2           Crisis In Consciousness

OJ85T3           Creation Is Never Ending

OJ85T4           Ending of Continuity. Fragmentation.


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