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Talks available on Digital Audio CD or MP3 CD

Price per talk on an Audio CD = $6.00 includes postage

To buy an MP3 CD please order using the Order Form.
Price for 2 talks on one MP3 CD= $6.00 includes postage.

CD sales:

Contact: J Howe, PO Box 813 Banora Point, NSW 2486


*Please Note that all sales from this website are for Australian residents only.



LO61T1  Inward Revolution Needed to Meet Problems of Living

LO61T2  What Action is Necessary to Bring a New Mind?


LO67T6  Is it Possible to Radically Change? Violence


LO69T2  Is Freedom an Idea or Actuality?   On Fear.


LO70T1  Our Relationship to This Corrupt Society.             

LO70T2  A Radical Transformation in Ourselves.

LO70T3  A Mind Free of Conformity. Freedom. Love. Death

LO70T4   Meditation Requires a Certain Seriousness.


LO82T1  The Question of Fear & Time?

LO82T2   Order: Love: Compassion: Death


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Updated 30/03/2016