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The Ending of Time :    

This Series was held in Ojai  & Brockwood  in 1980.       

Fifteen discussions between J Krishnamurti and Dr David Bohm,  renown physicist on the question of  “Has humanity taken a wrong turn which has brought about this division, conflict and destruction facing mankind?”        

Krishnamurti suggests the wrong turn lies in our inability to face what we actually are and our need to impose  the illusion of what we must become. Why do we not face what we really are?  Man accumulates during his life through memories, experiences and knowledge and this accumulation causes division and conflict with another.


OJ80CB01    Roots of Psychological Conflict

OJ80CB02   Cleansing Mind of Accumulation of Time

OJ80CB03   Man’s Given Supreme Importance to thought

OJ80CB04   Breaking the Pattern of Ego-centered Activity

OJ80CB05   The Ground of Being & The Mind of Man

OJ80CB06   Can Insight Bring a Mutation of  Brain Cells

OJ80CB07    Death Has Very Little Meaning

OJ80CB08   Can Insight be Awakened in Another?


BR80CB09   Can Human Brain be Free of Problems?

BR80CB10   Is there Action Not Made By Man or Thought?

BR80CB11   Order Beyond all Human Order & Disorder

BR80CB12   Can Insight Uncondition The Mind?

BR80CB13   Ending of Psychological Knowledge

BR80CB14   The Mind in The Universe

BR80CB15   Can Problems be Solved & Fragmentation End 


The Future of Man:

Two discussions in1983 between J Krishnamurti & Dr  David  Bohm

What is the future of humanity’?  these follow on from the 15 The Ending of Time  discussions


BR83CB01  Is There An  Action Not Touched by Thought?

BR83CB02  Is There  Evolution  of  Consciousness? 


The Transformation of Man:

Series of 7 discussions held in Brockwood in 1976 between J. Krishnamurti,  Dr David Bohm and Dr David Shainberg which explores the reasons Why man has lived in chaos,  misery  and disorder for thousands of years. They explore mans need for security.   Is ‘ the me’ the source of disorder.


BR76CTM1  Are We Aware We Are Fragmented?               

BR76CTM2  Mechanical Way Of Living Leads to Disorder

BR76CTM3  Can I Change Completely At The Very Root?

BR76CTM4  In Aloneness You Can Be Secure

BR76CTM5 Your Image Of Yourself Prevents Relationship

BR76CTM6  Any Image Prevents Beauty of Relationship

BR76CTM7  Life Is Sacred. Compassion. Sorrow. Ending.  


The Nature of The Mind:

A series of four discussions held in Ojai in 1982

between J Krishnamurti,  Dr Rupert Sheldrake and Dr John Hidley.

  • Thought and becoming are at the root of many human problems. 
  • The action of seeing ‘what is’  is action without the process of thought.  
  • What is a healthy mind?

OJ82CNM1     Roots of Psychological Disorder

OJ82CNM2     Psychological Suffering

OJ82CNM3     Need For Security

OJ82CNM4     What Is a Healthy Mind?


Wholly Different Way Of Living:     

A series of 18 dialogues between  J Krishnamurti and Allan Anderson, Professor of Religious Studies at San Diego University held in 1974. The entire range of Krishnamurti’s teachings are explored in this series.

 Human lives are in disorder.  We fail to see life as a whole. Krishnamurti points out that through awareness of what we are and the way we see ourselves can the immensity of human life unfold and through the operation of love & intelligence can a different way of living come about.

SD74CA01       Knowledge  & Transformation  of  Man

SD74CA02       Knowledge  &  Conflict in  Relationship

SD74CA03       What Is  Communication  With  Others       

SD74CA04       Responsibility  &  Relationship

SD74CA05       Order Comes From Understanding Disorder

SD74CA06       Nature  &  Eradication  of  Fear

SD74CA07       Understand  Not  Controlling  Desire

SD74CA08       Does Pleasure  Bring  Happiness?

SD74CA09       Sorrow, Passion, Beauty

SD74CA10       Art  of  Listening Attention  Learning

SD74CA11       Being  Hurt  &  Hurting  Others

SD74CA12       Love, Sex & Pleasure, Joy, Violence

SD74CA13       A  Different  Way  of  Living

SD74CA14       Death, Life, LOve, Immortality

SD74CA15       Religion, Authority  &  Education- Part 1

SD74CA16       Religion, Authority  &  Education- Part 2

SD74CA17       A  Quality  of  Attention  &  Meditation

SD74CA18       Meditation  &  The  Sacred   Mind 

Series of 12 dialogues in 1975 between J Krishnamurti  & Dr David Bohm.

What is truth and what is reality?

Is there a relationship or are they separate, or are they projections of thought?

Man has always functioned in thought.

Is there another movement, an energy not of thought?

Bohm says this question of thought - reality has occupied man for thousands of years.


BR75CDB01 - BR75CDB02 - BR75CDB03 -  BR75CDB04  

BR75CDB05 - BR75CDB06 - GS75CDB07 - GS75CDB08

GS75CDB0 -  BR75CDB10 -  BR75CDB11 - BR75CDB12

Sold as a series not as individual dialogues 
Series on Audio CD format:  17 CDs of 12 dialogues cost $72.00 incl postage
Series on MP3CD cost $ 36  incl postage


Stillness, Time and Brain

Gstaad 1965.  J Krishnamurti & David Bohm

GS65DB1     Can the Brain Be Still?

GS65DB2      A Completee Stillness.

GS65DB3       Is Stillness of Time?

The Noisy Brain is Not Intelligent.

A discussion held in 1972 at Brockwood 

Jiddu Krishnamurti &  Dr David Bohm discuss :-  

  •   What is the relationship between thought and intelligence? Politically, religiously and psychologically thought has created a world of contradiction and fragmentation.  
  • Thought must be still for the awakening of intelligence.

 BR72DB1    The Noisy Brain is Not Intelligent   



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