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Talks available on Digital Audio CD or MP3 CD

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BR69T1  Duality of Living in Isolation & Relationship.           

BR69T2  Sensitivity. Self-awareness. Action.

BR69T3  Thought Deceives


BR70T1  Observation Without “The Me”                                   

BR70T2  Life without Psychological Effort.

BR70T3  Does a Free Mind Choose?  Conditioning

BR70T4  Acting Without Ideas.


BR71T1  Being Free of Deepest Conditioning

BR71T2  Action Without the Authority of the Image

BR71T3  Are Love & Pleasure Interwoven?

BR71T4  Meditation Is Total Release of Energy


BR72T1  Complete Freedom From Thought

BR72T2  If I Don’t Change Now What Will The Future Be?

BR72T3  If Freedom Is Responsibility, How Do I Act?

BR72T4 To Come Upon the new Thought must be Quiet


BR73T1  Can A fragmented Mind Be Whole?

BR73T2  Why Does Mind Cling to The Known?

BR73T3  To Live a Life That Is Whole.

BR73T4  Is There Anything Holy, Sacred?  Meditation


BR74T1  Can A Conditioned Mind Go Beyond Itself?

BR74T2  Is Thinking a Slave to Time?

BR74T3  Death Means a Total Renewal. Daily Living.

BR74T4  A Different Kind of Energy to Meet Problems?


BR75T1  Thought Being Limited What is Its Function?

BR75T2  Can Suffering EndTotally so Theres Compassion

BR75T3  Is There Something With No Beginning or End?

BR75T4  Can We Ever Perceive Truth?  Reality & Truth


BR76T1  A Transformation Which Implies Freedom.

BR76T2  Pleasure Is a Factor of Conditioning.

BR76T3  Is Psychological Time an Invention of Thought?

BR76T4  Freedom Is The First & Last Step. 


BR77T1  Skill, Clarity, Compassion. Action that’s skillful.

BR77T2  What’s the Function of the Brain?

BR77T3  The Root of Sorrow


BR78T1  Can I strip Myself of Network of Language?


BR79T1  What Will Make Us Change?  Conditioning. Hurt.

BR79T2  Is Thought The Instrument of Right Action?

BR79T3  Tomorrow is the Root of Fear.

BR79T4  Is There Something Enduring Immovable?


BR80T1  Can One Live Without Fragmentation?

BR80T2  Images & Desire in Relationship.

BR80T3  Inner & Outer Disorder & Division.

BR80T4  Can There Be A Religious Mind?


BR81T1  Thought & The Problem of Our World

BR81T2  The Content of Consciousness

BR81T3  Love:  Compassion:  Intelligence   


BR82T1  What Can We Do In This World?  

BR82T2  What Has Happened to Mankind?

BR82T3  Intelligence That Brings Order.                  

BR82T4  The Beauty of Death As Part of Life.


BR83T1  How Can The Brain Transform Itself?

BR83T2  Only In Peace Can The Mind Be Free.

BR83T3  Freedom From the Self


BR84T1  The Cause of Conflict in Relationship.

BR84T2  Seeing Fear As An Extraordinary Jewel.

BR84T3  Is It Possible to End All Fear?                                

BR84T4  The Nature, Depth & Beauty of Death.


BR85T1  Why Do We Have So Many Problems?

BR85T2  The Relationship of Time & Thought to Fear.

BR85T3  The Relationship of Freedom to Self-interest.

BR85T4  The Nature of a Brain That Lives Religiously. 


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