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Introduction to Geetha Waters 

Geetha Waters studied at Rishi Valley, a Krishnamurti founded school in Andhra Pradesh, India, during the 60s and 70s, and finished her high school education with a scholarship to Brockwood for a year during 1979. She graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney New South Wales, Australia with a BA and a Diploma in Education. During her training she began to notice a marked difference in the temperament of students generated by different philosophies of education. At the time she had visited several schools in south India, the Krishnamurti schools in India and England and later Oak Grove School in Ojai, California in 2008 and several Early Childhood Centres around Sydney. She claims that Krishnamurti addressed the problem of conditioning in his schools by directly involving students in inquiry and discourse which actively demonstrates the transfer of information from person to person and the transference of knowledge from the past to the present. Children who witness the movement of thought throughout the course of education are psychologically more mature and independent unlike those who are conditioned to rely on knowledge to feel secure. Geetha now works at the Krishnamurti Centre at Summer Hill with Andrew Hilton and the Krishnamurti Foundation Committee members to generate interest in Krishnamurti’s teachings and his radical approach to education.


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Holistic Education
The Problem Of Conditioning
The Stream Of Thoughts
Teaching And The Homework. MP3
Footprints In The Sand
Learning in the absence of Authority.
Network of Thought and the Zone of Comfort
Transforming Education
Sands of Time
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