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Background: A few years ago the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (KFT) England  initiated and funded a ‘Books To Prisons Project’. The Project was designed to donate Krishnamurti books to all Correction and Detention Centre libraries in the United Kingdom. By the end of the Project Krishnamurti books were donated to one hundred and forty three (143) Correction and Detention Centres throughout England and Wales.

On the 27 February 2006, following the success of the United Kingdom ‘Books To Prisons Project’, KFT England, in association with Friedrich GROHE and the Ange Gardien Foundation,  offered to extend the ‘Books To Prisons Project’ to other countries throughout the world. Under this offer KFT England agreed to donate two (2) books to each Correction and Detention Centre library if participating Krishnamurti Foundations met the cost of shipping and distribution of the books. The only request made by KFT England was that a follow-up report detailing the usage of the donated books be submitted by the libraries so that the information could be published in The Krishnamurti Bulletin.

In 2006 Krishnamurti Australia accepted the KFT England offer. The aim of the Krishnamurti Australia ‘Books To Prisons Project’ is to donate two books to all Prison and Detention Centre libraries throughout Australia. In 2006 agreement was reached with the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services to supply eighty (80) books to forty (40) Correction and Detention Centre libraries throughout New South Wales. Consultation is now underway with other State authorities to extend the Project.

The two (2) books that Krishnamurti Australia intends to distribute to all Australian Prison and Detention Center libraries are:


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