Krishnamurti on Karma

Cause and effect are inseparable, in the cause is the effect. To be aware of the cause-effect of a problem needs certain swift pliability of mind-heart for the cause-effect is constantly being modified, undergoing continual change. What was once cause-effect may have become modified now and to be aware of this modification or change is surely necessary for true understanding.

To follow the ever changing cause-effect is strenuous for the mind clings and takes shelter in what was the cause-effect; it holds to conclusions and so conditions itself the past. There must be an awareness of this cause-effect conditioning; it is not static but the mind is when it holds fast to a cause-effect that is immediately past.

Karma is this bondage to cause-effect.

As thought itself is the result of many cause-effects it must extricate itself from its own bondages.

Authentic Report of Sixteen Talks given in 1945 & 1946. .. p.62

Karma is the process of time, the past moving through the present to the future; this chain is the way of thought. Thought is the result of time, and there can be that immeasurable timeless, only when the process of thought has ceased.

Commentaries on Living (Third Series) p. 280

Karma is not an ever-enduring chain; its a chain hat can be broken at any time. What was done yesterday can be undone today; there's no permanent continuance of anything. Continuance can and must be dissipated through the understanding of the process.

Commentaries on Living (Third Series) p. 280

Quotes taken from "Sayings of J. Krishnamurti" compiled by Susunaga Weeraperuma

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